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Recap of February 2018 Tribute to Flo Braker Program

  • 08 Feb 2018 8:17 PM
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    Maurine Killough (Administrator)

    To begin 2018 we remembered Flo at our first meeting of the year. We brought cakes, cookies, and brownies to share. As usual, we were able to admire them and taste them and trade stories about them-all Flo’s recipes and one that was inspired by her. It was glorious!

    Before we moved inside to Foreign Cinema’s Gallery, Jennifer Irwin had arrived early to display 100 baggies-each filled with different shapes (square, round, oblong, oval) and sides (flat, crinkled, petal like, brioche) of miniature molds.  Dave Braker graciously wanted our members to remember his precious Flo by using and treasuring these tins.

    Also, Bill Hutton had set up our sound system as he has for many years now. We got to say hello to Maurine Killough, our long time cheerful and excellent wordsmith admin. 

    Our greeter, Rose Gillen, is always waiting with a big smile and hearty laugh.  After the program we enjoyed a beautiful and delicious lunch with a stellar galette for dessert.

    We were 65 in all and in agreement that Flo was warm, wise and kind. Sharing and caring. Perfectly dressed and coiffed, with nails and shoes to match.

    She hovered and mingled in our remembrances of her. Her long conversations, her praise, her encouragement to so many of us. She never met a stranger.

    One story was from the kitchen inspector who could not believe her eyes upon seeing Flo’s kitchen. She had to remember her job after being so impressed with both Flo and her over-the-top kitchen and pantry.

    Another story of a conversation: Flo zeroxed a copy of an out of print book which she then sent to the lucky member who had bemoaned not having that book.

    Flo going step-by-step with a member who was struggling with a recipe--both of them on the phone until the recipe was understood clearly.

    Flo answered her phone or called you back soon (with an apology for not being there when you called).

    Flo always asked about your family, and my “hubby.” She called us doll or said “so and so” is such a LOVE.

    Her notes, calls and gifts to so many of us.

    Let her talk to us when we bake. Feel her warmth. Hear her laugh! Keep her in your hearts. Be kind. Be a sharing caring person to honor Flo always.

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