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Bakers Dozen FAQs
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Remington dessert by Katie Christ1) How do I become a member of the Bakers Dozen?
Click here for online application, or if you prefer to receive an application to send by mail in and pay, contact our Administrator (also see FAQ#9).

2) What do the dues pay for?
Your dues pay for the annual member e-directory, discounts to monthly meetings, maintaining our website, printing costs, and our administrator who fields our calls and emails, organizes our gatherings, and handles membership issues.

3) How often are the meetings, and what are they about?
We meet 4 times per year, one of which is a field trip. We also hold smaller meetings on special interest topics.

Three of our meetings are typically held at the Foreign Cinema Restaurant in San Francisco. Usually there’s 30 minutes of networking, followed by a moderated program with guest speakers and/or demonstrations. Then we enjoy a fabulous luncheon provided by the Foreign Cinema Restaurant.

Our annual field trip might be a private tour of a bakery or a farm…or perhaps to a food manufacturer or distributor somewhere in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

4) What if I can't attend a meeting but I have already paid?
Since we must guarantee a count to the facility, we are unable to issue refunds for canceled reservations.

5) What is the Yahoo!Group?
Bakers Dozen Yahoo!Group is an online bulletin board where members share ideas and baking advice, help each other track down hard-to-find baking items, post job openings or items for sale, or just chat about our passion for baking.

The Yahoo!Group also includes:
~ Recipes of the desserts we’ve shared and tasted at our previous meetings
~ Photos of field trips, guest speakers & demonstrations
~ A list of our field trips, guest speakers & other events
~ A calendar of upcoming events
~ Links to various baking related websites
~ General Info about Bakers Dozen: History of the Bakers Dozen, membership application, and Yahoo!Group instructions.
~ E-Newsletter

6) How do I join the Yahoo!Group?

First become a Bakers Dozen member, by submitting your annual dues and application.  Then contact: bakersdozenbayarea-owner@yahoogroups.com for more information.

Apple Crumble by Katie Christ

8) The Bakers Dozen is a 501(c)4 tax-exempt non-profit organization.

9) If I have other questions, whom should I contact?

Please contact our administrator Maurine Killough at:
Bakers Dozen
816 E. 4th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401-3317
Tel (650) 766-9402
Email: admin@bakersdozensf.org

The Bakers Dozen continues to be a vibrant and dynamic organization, inspiring bakers young and old, professional and enthusiasts. A love of baking and learning are our only requirements for membership!

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