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Dough Workshop

18 photo(s) Updated on: 14 May 2013
  • Dough Workshop with Nora Tong
  • Hand Shaped Tarts
  • Pastry Bites
  • Finished Rugulah
  • Making Rugelah
  • Chocolate Mousse Tart
  • Instructor Nora Tong filling shell with chocolate mousse
  • Instructor Nora Tong mixing chocolate mousse
  • Apple Tarts ready for oven
  • Double Crusted Apple Tart ready for even
  • Apple Tart Filling
  • Tart Shells ready for oven
  • Amount for pressed-in Tart Dough
  • Nancy Kux and Flo Braker
  • Instructor Nora Tong
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